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Hildebrandt presented on ‘Profiling and the autonomous subject in private law’ (23 Sept 2022)

 3 Oct 2022

The Conference on Regulating Personalisation at the Institute of Transformative Private Law (22-23 September 2022) at the University of Amsterdam explored practices that illustrate the promises and perils of online personalisation as a result of the widespread use of emerging technologies in order to identify potential regulatory cornerstones to address personalizing techniques. The event created a medium for discussion on how to establish a conceptual regulatory framework in the face of systematic involvement of personalisation into contemporary society.

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Duarte spoke on Google and Apple Exposure Notifications System at Kozminski University (24 June 2022)

 28 Jun 2022

In April 2020 Google and Apple announced a joint project under whose constraints countries could develop proximity tracing apps, called Exposure Notifications (EN). By using this framework, proximity tracking apps could notify individuals that they were in close contact with someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19. The system operates through Bluetooth Low Energy technology, using the strength of the Bluetooth signal as a proxy for close contact.

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