It would be nice if all of the data which sociologists require could be enumerated because then we could run them through IBM machines and draw charts as the economists do.
However, not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted
– William Cameron, Informal Sociology (1963)

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About the project

COHUBICOL (Counting as a Human Being in the Era of Computational Law) will investigate how the prominence of counting and computation transforms many of the assumptions, operations and outcomes of the law.

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Van den Hoven on hermeneutical injustice and computational law

Van den Hoven has just published Hermeneutical injustice and the computational turn in law, with a reply from Ben Green, where she argues that the computational turn in law poses a potential challenge to rule of law and human dignity and explicates why the notion of ‘hermeneutical injustice’ demands our increased attention.

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