Hildebrandt to present keynote on ‘A new Hermeneutics for Computational Law’ at ICAL ‘23 Conference on December 18

On December 18, Mireille Hildebrandt will introduce the audience of the ICAL ‘23 Conference in Geneva to a topic she will also extensively expand on in her upcoming monograph, ‘A new Hermeneutics for Computational Law’.

In one of her last keynotes during the run time of the COHUBICOL project, she will discuss how and why the introduction of computational technologies in the practice and study of law will impact the nature of law-as-we-know it, showing continuities between various legal positivisms and computational law, whilst also arguing for an extension and reinvention of the hermeneutical approach to text-driven law with new hermeneutical approaches to data- and code-driven law.

She will conclude her keynote by urging the legal profession and community as a whole, to develop a theory and a practice of interpretation that will both safeguard and reinvent the core tenets of the rule of law in the light of the overwhelming computational contingency that is rapidly becoming the universal infrastructure of law and life beyond.

You can find the slides of her keynote presentation here.