Gori presented on ‘Law, Rules, Machines’ at the 11th British Wittgenstein Society Conference in London (29-31 July 2022)

Gianmarco Gori presented on “Law, Rules, Machines” at the 11th British Wittgenstein Society Conference: ‘Wittgenstein and AI’, at the New College of the Humanities (London), 29-31 July 2022. The abstract can be found here at p. 22.

In his presentation, Gianmarco highlighted the foundational role played by the concept of rule in enabling the bridging of law and AI. In particular, Gianmarco argued how the confusio between different pictures of rules which underlies computational law is at the same time productive and potentially risky. While, on the one hand, a felicitous overlapping of legal and computational rules makes it possible to design and use computational legal machines, on the other hand, the crossing between rules of different nature can result in both normative puzzles and concrete risks for legal protection.