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G. Vanderstichele obtained a DPhil (PhD) in Law at the University of Oxford with a thesis titled ‘The Evolving Role of the Judge in Digitally Assisted Adjudication’ (Oxford, 10 July 2023)

 18 Jul 2023

Our affiliate researcher Geneviève Vanderstichele obtained a DPhil (PhD) in Law (University of Oxford, without corrections) with a thesis titled ‘The Evolving Role of the Judge in Digitally Assisted Adjudication’. The main research question is how the role of the human judge should evolve when s/he makes judicial decisions with the assistance of so-called legal technologies.

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Van den Hoven presents Typology of Legal Technologies to Taiwan’s Minister of Digital Affairs and colleagues (Brussels, 30 June 2023)

 5 Jul 2023

On Friday 30 June 2023, COHUBICOL PhD researcher Emilie van den Hoven presented COHUBICOL’s Typology of Legal Technologies to a delegation of the Ministery of Digital Affairs (MODA) of Taiwan and its Minister Audrey Tang. The event was hosted by FARI - AI for the Common Good Institute and included talks by the co-directors of the institute, as well research presentations on behalf of Université Libre de Bruxelles and FARI and by Van den Hoven as the representative of Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the LSTS research group.

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Hildebrandt to speak on the relationship between normativity, law, and technology (26 June Paris & 29 June Birmingham)

 26 Jun 2023

On Monday 26 June, Hildebrandt will join a Round Table in Paris in the closing session of the Lecture Series ‘New Perspectives on Normativity: Joint lecture series on ‘International Law and Technology’, co-organised by Dr Andrea Leiter (University of Amsterdam) and Dr Delphine Dogot (Université Catholique Lille, Paris Campus). That same week, on 29 June, she will join the Conference on ‘Prereflective Agency’, organised at the University of Birmingham, by Prof. Sylvie Delacroix, who recently published her monograph on ‘Habitual Ethics’. Hildebrandt will join the session on ‘Moulding the infrastructure that moulds our habits’, meant to unearth the way that habits co-constitute our normative frameworks while simultaneously addressing the way habits are induced by way of technological infrastructures. 

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Gori gives workshop on data protection in the context of the fight against labour exploitation (16 Jun 2023)

 12 Jun 2023

COHUBICOL postdoctoral researcher Gianmarco Gori teaches on data protection law in a training workshop organized in the context of the project DIAGRAMMI SUD (Diritti in Agricoltura attraverso Approcci Multistakeholders e Multidisciplinari per l’integrazione e il Lavoro Giusto). The fight against labour exploitation requires the processing of personal data: the prevention and repression of criminal activities as well as the social and working inclusion of victims involve the collection, processing and transmission of personal data among a network of multiple stakeholders. In the workshop, Gori will address the issues raised by data protection law in practice together with operators working in the reception system for asylum seekers, in information desks for immigrants, in the anti-trafficking network and in trade union organisations.

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