Diver’s paper on The Rule(s) of Coding the focus of influential Future of Coding podcast

The COHUBICOL insights and outputs have really touched base with its’ target audience of software developers! Laurence Diver’s paper ‘Interpreting the Rule(s) of Code’ was the focus of this week’s episode of the ‘Future of Coding’ podcast.

In a 2,5 hour discussion hosts Ivan Reese and Jimmy Miller dig down deep into the idea of illegitimate software code and expand on the risks of imposed legalism through coding that Laurence’s paper cautions us about.

Laurence’s expertise in both legal practice and software development grant him a dual perspective on this matter that allows him to identify the inadequaciues and illegitimacy of code as a regulator. In the paper Laurence brandishes fresh ideas on how to shift the focus of software development towards a more critical and risk-conscious approach.

A really great read and listen for anyone with a keen interest in software development, legal theory, dark patterns, philosophy of language, dark tech and more!