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Diver to attend roundtable on AI and the Rule of Law in Athens

 22 Sep 2019

Laurence Diver attended a high-profile roundtable on AI and the Rule of Law in Athens on 20-21 September 2019. He joined representatives from across academia, industry and government to discuss principles for the trustworthy adoption (or not!) of AI in legal systems, legal practice, and related questions of compliance. The discussion considered recent international initiatives seeking to develop principles for the use of AI in the legal context, a theme centrally relevant to the focus of COHUBICOL.

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Diver to speak at this year’s Gikii conference

 11 Sep 2019

Laurence Diver spoke at this year’s Gikii conference, with a talk entitled “Legal Tech, or the Story of Your [Legal] Life”. Based around Ted Chiang’s novella Story of Your Life and its 2016 film adaptation Arrival, the talk explored the implications of ML-based legal prediction. What do we stand to gain and, perhaps more importantly, lose in the adoption of automated predictions? Can we continue fully to count as human being in the face of this ‘actuarial’ approach to justice?

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