CRCL23 will take place on 20-21 November 2023 in Brussels

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The CRCL annual conference aims to steer free of either techno-optimism or techno-pessimism, instead seeking to inquire into (i) the theoretical assumptions and affordances of NLP and computer code in both data- and code-driven ‘legal techs’, (ii) the complex socio-technical dynamics that will play out when integrating advanced legal search into legal practice, (iii) the implications of all this for legal doctrine, legal practice, legal scholarship and, finally, (iv) the kind of legal protection afforded by text-driven law.

Papers that are accepted for presentation are made available to attendees before the event. Following the conference, we expect to publish final versions of the papers in the Journal of Cross-disciplinary Research in Computational Law (CRCL), along with a reply from a scholar from a different discipline and a response from the author.