The COHUBICOL team develops, explores and curates a bibliography of relevant scientific works. As of September 2020 we are sharing a public version of this bibliography, which will be updated as we move along. The bibliography has been structured by the use of Zotero, the well known open source reference tool (but you can browse the bibliography without it). This should enable anybody to use and even export whatever they find of interest.

Please check out the full bibliography using the red button:

  Launch bibliography

or access specific parts by clicking the (sub)sections below, structured along the lines of the project:

Computational ‘law’, which harbours subsections on:

Conceptual innovation, dedicated to the concepts of:

Legal Protection, the pinnacle affordance we are after.

Normativity, situated at three levels of technological mediation:

Vocabularies, probing the constitutive conceptual framework of CS and LAW:

  • CS (subdivided for each relevant term, e.g. ground truth, compiler, etc.)
  • Law (subdivided for each relevant term, e.g. legal effect, sources of law, etc.)