Hildebrandt delivers a keynote on the Typology of Legal Tech at IURIX2022 conference (16 Dec 2022)

Mireille Hildebrandt has been invited to give a keynote at IURIX2022, the annual conference on the intersection of law, Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems, under the auspices of the JURIX Foundation for Legal Knowledge Systems. She will focus on the recently published COHUBICOL Typology of Legal Technologies, under the title of ‘A Typology of Legal Techs: A method to map/compare/assess’.

Legal Informatics and AI & Law have been a niche domain within both law and information, and computing science for decades, producing carefully crafted scientific papers and prototypes based on the formalisation of legal rules and legal reasoning, argumentation theory and so much more. The community has been aware of pitfalls, limitations and the potential of various levels of automation in the legal domain, and has produced an acquis that many lawyers and computer scientists are not even aware of. In the meantime, they have been overtaken by providers of so-called ‘legal techs’ that promise the stars while delivering oftentimes underwhelming software systems. During this keynote, she will explain how and why lawyers need to come to terms with the potential reconfiguration of their domain, proposing a method and a mindset to map, compare and assess technologies that claim to support, replace or enhance legal research and legal practice, see the Typology of Legal Technologies.

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