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Hildebrandt to speak at ‘Law + Computation: An Algorithm for the Rule of Law and Justice?’ 5 Feb 2021

 25 Jan 2021

Computation is poised to transform legal services, legal systems, and the law itself. Making the most of innovation and technology, and understanding the benefits and risks, requires deep collaboration between computer scientists and legal professionals (lawyers, academics, etc.) This interdisciplinary symposium, co-organised by the Northwestern Law and Technology Initiative and the Northwestern Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property, brings together researchers working at the intersection of law and computation to explore the effects of computation on law.

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Interview with Sylvie Delacroix on her contribution to our 2020 Philosophers’ Seminar

 21 Dec 2020

In the second video in COHUBICOL’s ‘interview with the author’ series, our researcher Emilie van den Hoven spoke to Sylvie Delacroix (@SylvieDelacroix) in the context of our 2020 Philosophers’ Seminar, held earlier in December. For the seminar we convened scholars from philosophy, computer science and law to foster a cross-disciplinary exploration of some of the most pertinent questions in relation to the use of AI in law. The focus of this year’s session was on the ‘interpretability problem’ in machine learning.

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