Interview with Frank Pasquale on his contribution to our 2020 Philosophers’ Seminar

Our researcher Emilie van den Hoven spoke to Frank Pasquale (@FrankPasquale) in the context of our upcoming 2020 Philosophers’ Seminar. The seminar seeks specifically to explore some of the most pertinent questions around the interpretability problem in machine learning, notably in relation to the use of AI in law. In the interview Pasquale speaks about some of the ideas he developed in his contribution and discusses how notions like meta-expertise, metrics and second-hand naturalism reduce some of the internal goods that are constitutive of law & legal practice. In doing so, he sheds light on how the integration of computation in law challenges the practices that are core to the legal domain.

Please enjoy the first COHUBICOL video of our new ‘interview with the author’-series!