Hildebrandt to give tutorial on ‘Law for computer scientists’ at ACAI (13 Oct 2021)

Are you a computer scientist and wish to get key insights into

  • what law does, how it operates, why it matters,
  • what law has to do with computer science,
  • the content of legal norms that apply to the processing of personal data,
  • the content of proposed legislation that applies to AI and
  • notes on procedure and enforcement,

then you might want to take the tutorial offered by Mireille Hildebrandt.

The tutorial is part of the Advanced course on AI (ACAI) on Human Centered AI organised by the Humane AI NET featuring keynote presentations, labs/hands-on sessions, short tutorials on cutting edge topics and longer in-depth tutorials on main topics in AI, providing participants with the basic knowledge needed to design, implement, operate and research the next generation of human centered AI systems that are focused on enhancing human capabilities and optimally cooperating with humans.

For more information about the tutorial ‘Law for Computer Scientists’, click here.

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