Hildebrandt speaks on the role of human oversight in the AI Act (8 July 2021)

The Institute for Digital Law Trier (IRDT) of the University of Trier brings together experts in the international and interdisciplinary online conference concerning the EU Commission’s proposal of an Artificial Intelligence Act of 21 April 2021, to discuss the following questions, among others:

Does the Act reflect a proper understanding of the technical and normative challenges posed by AI? Does it strike the right balance between limiting risks from AI and enabling its reasonable use? How suitable are the proposed legal instruments to regulate AI? What is the relationship between the AI Act and other EU laws such as the GDPR? Is it useful to grant the Commission the power to expand the scope of the Act by amending the Annex? What would this AI regulation mean for the ‘competition of systems’ between the EU, the US and China?

Mireille Hildebrandt will speak on the role of human oversight in the AI Act.

For the programme of the IRDT Conference: Regulating AI – The Commission’s proposal for an Artificial Intelligence Act: Legal Assessments and registration, click here.