Hildebrandt speaks on ‘Privacy as the right to an incomputable self’ (24 November 2021)

ELSA Nijmegen invited Mireille Hildebrandt to give a lecture on privacy as the right to an incomputable self.


In the digital era, privacy concerns are no longer limited to the police entering your home or the local grocer gossiping about your life’s secret. We now confront the complexity of interconnected systems of artificial intelligence that effortlessly detect, share and monetise preferences, movements and vulnerabilities. In terms of the right to privacy, this raises two questions: (1) do these AI systems really have insight into our actual desires and shortcomings, and (2) does it matter whether our privacy is violated as a result? These questions play a role both at the level of individuals and at the level of society as a whole. Therefore we must also ask the third question (3) what is the role of individual privacy as a public interest?

For slides, click here.