Hildebrandt participates in debate on smart technologies and climate change from the perspective of the democratic rule of law (Amsterdam, 20 Feb 2023)

In an event held at De Balie in Amsterdam, Mireille Hildebrandt will participate in a debate (in Dutch) alongside other academics (in law, philosophy, and data-driven/algorithmic systems), journalists, and writers. The speakers will discuss the topic of “menselijk recht in tijden van datasturing and natuurgeweld” (human-made law in the era of data control and natural disasters). The debate will take as its starting point and common thread excerpts from the forthcoming book of jurist and philosopher Maxim Februari entitled Doe zelf normaal: Menselijk recht in tijden van datasturing en natuurgeweld. The invited speakers will talk about the issue at the heart of Februari’s new book: how to safeguard fundamental rights and the rule of law in societies facing the daunting issues of climate change and the rise of smart technologies. Central to the evening’s thematic discussion is how to best involve society at large in the discussion on how the rule of law needs to adapt in light of these developments. How can human beings retain some level of control in a world where the forces of nature and technology seem to incrementally erode it? For more information (tickets or livestream, visit the website of De Balie).