Hildebrandt keynoting at ‘The Culture of Trustworthy AI’ workshop (2 Sept 2021)

The AI4EU project is organising a workshop to explore how we can get closer to a Trustworthy AI culture sharing investigations and good practices moving along the trajectories suggested by Trustworthy AI guidelines: public debate, education and practical learning.

Mireille Hildebrandt will deliver a keynote talk on
‘Defining AI systems from the perspective of law and the rule of law’


Lawyers are used to developing pragmatic definitions at a level of abstraction that is neither over- nor underinclusive. Especially in the realm of technology-related law, we need definitions that are not too concrete but also not too abstract. In this keynote I will argue that the choice made in the EU proposal for an AI Act makes a lot of sense, considering that it aims to offer broad protection. In that context, I will also explain the structure of the AI Act and the complications caused by overlapping distinctions between prohibited AI practices, high risk AI systems, and ‘certain systems’ whose providers and users are subject to specified transparency obligations. Finally, I will highlight the salience of the legal requirements to be met by providers of high risk AI systems, arguing that they will create an economic market for resilient, robust, reliable and responsible AI systems.

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