Dushi to co-chair International Workshop on Imagining the AI Landscape after the AI Act (Munich, 27 June 2023)

COHUBICOL postdoctoral researcher Dr. Desara Dushi is co-chairing the 2nd International Workshop on Imagining the AI Landscape after the AI Act (in conjunction with the Second International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence) IAIL2023 in Munich on 27 June 2023. After the success of last year’s workshop, Desara is co-chairing the second workshop on the same topic, at a very timely moment when discussions around the AI Act are reaching the final stages.

The full day workshop aims at analyzing how the AI Act proposal, if adopted, will shape the AI technologies of the future, not only in the EU, but also beyond. It covers issues such as the ability of the AIA requirements to be operationalized, privacy, fairness, and explainability by design, AI risk assessment, and much more. The workshop will bring together legal and tech experts, and other interested stakeholders for discussing the new proposed amendments to the text of the AI Act, and reach to recommendations for new approaches that might not have been tackled yet. As part of the workshop, Desara will lead a fireside chat with Gregor Strojin, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) at the Council of Europe (CoE), where Mr. Strojin will talk about the CoE ongoing initiative on a Draft Convention on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law and where do these two proposals converge and differ.

Find more information about the event here.