NLLP 2022 Workshop: A Review

By Pauline McBride

 12 Jan 2023

6 minute read

In December, I was fortunate to be able to attend the NLLP Workshop (the recorded livestream is here). The Workshop... Read more

AI in law: a move? A game changer?

By Gianmarco Gori

 27 Jan 2021

10 minute read

In War and Peace, Tolstoy observes that a common feature unites the attempts to understand physical motion and historical movement:... Read more

Technological mediation vs. the Rule of Law

By Laurence Diver

 9 Nov 2020

less than 1 minute read

Below is a recording of a presentation I gave at this year’s conference on the Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations (PHTR),... Read more

Legal Tech, or Story of Your [Legal] Life

By Laurence Diver

 13 Oct 2020

1 minute read

Below is a re-recording of a talk given by Laurence at Gikii 2019 entitled ‘Legal Tech, or Story of Your... Read more

Computational legalism

By Laurence Diver

 23 Jan 2020

9 minute read

This post summarises computational legalism, a concept I developed in my doctoral thesis that is borne of the parallel between... Read more

Automated hermeneutical injustice?

By Emilie van den Hoven

 16 Aug 2019

6 minute read

Joy Buolamwini’s work uncovered racially discriminatory patterns in facial recognition datasets and software systems – only when wearing a white... Read more

Legal theory and theoretical CS

By Mireille Hildebrandt

 15 May 2019

5 minute read

This project will dive head-on into the assumptions of data-driven and code-driven law, to unearth their implications for the protection... Read more