Links to other projects, business, institutes, journals


CODEX, Stanford Center for Legal Informatics


LEXPREDICT Legal Technology Provider (commercial), US based

Law, Cognitive Technologies & Artificial Intelligence, Brussels School of Competition

LexisNexis, Legal Tech as in search engine, database, knowledge management, decision support

LexisNexis CONTEXT, Legal Language Analytics for Judges & Expert Witnesses

ELTAEuropean Legal Technology Association

EU-Startups, Legal Tech Startups within the EU

Droit et numérique, exploration of the relationships between AI and law 

SketchLex, French provider of legal infographics (maybe not AI, but very relevant)

Law By Design, website on Magaret Hagan' work on a 'design driven approach to legal innovation'

Legal Intelligence, Dutch search engine for lawyers

At the 11th Billable Hour, Belgium Legal Tech mapping

European Law & Tech Network, on the cusp of intellectual property, regulation and governance of the Internet, privacy and cybersecurity, data collection, digital platforms, artificial intelligence, and blockchain


Artificial Intelligence and Law

Special Issue UTLJ on Artificial Intelligence, Technology and the Law

Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy

Big Data & Society


Computational Law, Stanford University

Predicting the Supreme Court, LEXPREDICT project, US based

ROSS, IBM's AI Platform WATSON for artificial legal intelligence

LISA Legal Intelligence Support Assistant, commercial, UK based

Blockchain and Society, IvIR University of Amsterdam 

ACT, Autonomy Through Cyberjustice Technologies, Cyberjustice Lab Montreal 

Brussels & Legal Tech

Brussels School Competition: Law, New Technologies & Artificial Intelligence

Linklaters, AI Online Services

Legal Hackers, Brussels Chapter

UK Law Societies' Brussels Office, Technology and its impact on legal practice


Blogs, vlogs, podcasts:

Blog Harry Surden, University of Colorado Law School

Computational Legal Studies, a.o. Daniel Katz

Legal regulation of AI and robotics, Burkhard Schafer

Zylab Blog

Apps or legal education to create awareness of framing problem

Berkman Klein Center Detain/Release App

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